In SST, technology is integral to the core curriculum which is the foundation that allows new ways of teaching, learning and social interaction to take place. While backbone infrastructure (such as robust network, accessibility to the internet and availability of devices) is important to create the physical conditions, it is the approach that determines the kind of learning experience we create and hence, the learning ecosystem that every SST student immersed in.

In this presentation, we will share our approach and what we take into consideration when designing 1-to-1 ICT-enabled learning experience. This includes learners' readiness and prior experience, teacher professional development and the choice of technologies.

Through the lens of the students, the audience will get to see how ICT is weaved into the day-to-day lessons and how it has made learning a totally different experience for a digital native.

Reflection by {Chan Jing Jie}

It is indeed my honour and privilege for me to take part in the Research Conference at NIE and the Inaugural Jurong Symposium this year, which gave me an enriching experience and a chance to stand on a stage and present to a crowd of teachers and educators from Singapore. In addition, it also allowed me to nurture different skills along the way.
The Preparation
Before the event itself, we had to arrange periods of time to meet up with our teacher-in-charge, Ms Loh, whereby we had discussion sessions with her on the content of the upcoming presentation of 1 to 1 ICT Enabled Learning in SST, our roles and also had trial presentations with her.
When having a trial presentation with Ms Loh, and a fellow student presenter, Abhi, I was able to speak fluently and had the right body posture and body language when presenting. Most importantly, I was at ease and with full of confidence as I knew the contents of the presentation very well, being etched in my mind.
Actual Event - Presentation
On the actual day of the event itself, I was well-prepared and ever-ready to step on the presentation stage. However, I did feel tense and nervous, which is the standard feeling for students to have, when it comes to presenting in such an elaborate event, moreover, in front of teachers. I also lacked in confidence, as I had a fear of presenting in front of a big crowd.
For the actual presentation, I realised a shocking fact. Although I was tense and nervous before the presentation itself, I was not afraid when presenting at all. I managed to speak fluently and shared my learning experiences with the teachers and educators about the use of technology in SST itself. I pulled it off, remembering to mention all key points and gave useful examples. Maybe, it was because of the well-prepared and well-rehearsed presentation that I spent loads of time on, which allowed me to regain my confidence when it comes to the presentation. However, it was not as smooth and fluent.
Things that you have done well
I felt that my presentation was filled with depth and had the clarity in it, even though it was a little jerky at some point in time, not being smooth throughout. However, I manage to deliver the contents in the presentation, well-elaborated and filled with examples.
When presenting, I manage to cope with nervousness and conquer my fear of speaking in front of an audience and, and was able to build and boost up my confidence along the way when presenting the contents of this presentation.
Things that you could have done better
I could have speak slower and smoother, to allow people to get a clearer message about my learning experience and also work on the fluency of my presentation. Moreover, I should also try to keep the right body language at all times when presenting.
What is your KEY TAKEAWAY have learnt - in participation of such event
I feel that the few most valuable key takeaways of the presentation are the clarity, the confidence, and the fluency. From this event itself, I am now able to communicate my ideas and present it to the audience in a much more effective and clear way, with a clear target and clear pointers that flows smoothly in the presentation. Apart from that, through this whole new experience, I am now able to further develop and improve myself.